October 30, 2020

Creating Aesthetic Spaces

When we bought our condo the biggest challenge was to strike a balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible while also squeezing in extra seating. My husband was very particular about having a recliner sofa and i was not agreeing with him. He likes the lazy boy bulky recliner with big head and to me that was a big no. When we were shopping around we found a neutral color Dual power recliner sofa with a modern design and it was not too bulky like the traditional ones. Honestly no matter how you want the ambience and feel of the home the sofa has to be comfortable otherwise everything else falls apart.  This recliner was the best purchase and we are very happy with it. Dual power recliner sofa normally comes with arm rest but to fit the sofa in our room we ordered without the arm rest. 

Mix patterns with vintage pieces.
I want to create a space that is designed with comfort in mind and feels easy and natural. I would also like my space to reflect my culture. I was always drawn to the patterns and hand made pieces. Which is why I choose patterned rolling shade for my living room window. It acts both like an accent piece and adds value to the home. To make it more interesting i picked vintage chair from a vintage shop around the corner. The vintage chair against patterned wall takes me back to Mughal era.

Varying Heights
Imagine if everything in the living room was of same height. That would be too boring. To bring balance into the room i incorporated furniture pieces of all heights. The arm chair against the patterned wall is taller than the recliner sofa . This draws our eye around the room. 

Functional and Repurpose warm places
As a family we enjoy playing board games over the weekends. In the smaller spaces you dont have luxury to have a separate game room. While designing smaller spaces the key is to design the multipurpose rooms. My living room turns into a game room over the weekends. The square shaped center table is very efficient to play board games.

When i enter the living room i wanted to have a warm and welcoming feel. What else can bring that feel other than a fireplace. A fire place instantly creates focal point and adds warmth to any place.  To create the focal point i need to free up the space around the fireplace. That means i cannot add additional chairs in front of fireplace but I really need more seating to accommodate guests over the weekend. The solution to that problem was to add ottomans as additional seating. Ottomans doesnot obstruct the view of the fireplace and yet they can be used as additional seating. 

Aesthetic Spaces
Just buying our favorite things and splurging on furniture doesnot create an aesthetic space. It requires a bit of careful thought and consideration to do so. I wanted my space to reflect my culture so i choose furniture with gold finishing. I am from southern part of India where ancient temples are made of gold. Love affair with gold is timeless in India. There is science to support this love. The gold coating on temples helps to keep its premises cool during summers and warm during winters. 

To offset the gold i choose furniture with earth tone. There is no rule book to create aesthetic spaces. It is how you see it. When i observed Pinterest or Instagram pictures i noticed that curves and circles bring harmony to the space. That is why i wanted to choose a circular shape and  I choose circular gold mirror on fireplace wall. Gold, white and black has always been my favorite combination which i incorporated with different shapes in my living room. The multifaced white vase has a character and i fell in love with it immediately. Fireplace mantle decorated with white multifaced vase and black cylinder shaped vase with a gold circular mirror in the center is very pleasing to the eyes. I added other little details like accent books, sitting buddha and vintage photo frame to bring everything together. After i set up my living room i felt like i created a space where i can relax and unwind. I am still not 100% satisfied. I feel it is still incomplete. I wanted to add candles and plants to my living room but we sold our condo and moving to bigger space in February. I am looking forward to my new place. It gives me great pleasure when my creative juices flow. Cant wait to make our new house a home.

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